Your choose what's private.
Secure it in your personal vault.

Vault Secure Pro is the application which is available for Apple Store. The users of iPhone, iPad and iTouch can download this application in their devices. Vault Secure Pro is keep safe application which saves your photos as well as videos in your smartphone.

The ultimate data security application is available just a click away. With the help of this application, you can keep your photo lock, video lock, lock your voice memos, eWallet as well as can lock your notepad. Keep safe all your personal data using private under lock key. In additional to this, you can also keep your data sync with private cloud and get access of your data on all your devices using a password lock.

Vault Secure Pro is easy to use application which secures your personal data with the help of passcode lock. It also allows the full control of your personal data. The feature of private cloud ensures that you will never lose your important as it is sync on the cloud server.

Key Features of Vault Secure Pro:

  • Highest security level
  • Customized data secure on your Apple Devices
  • Use of multifarious locks like PIN Pad Lock, Fingerprint touch ID, Face detection auto lock, creating a fake PIN to protect the real Vault and also gets the visual break in alerts.
  • Get additional cloud space to secure and lock your data.
  • Full control on your privacy by using this application.
  • Keep safe your personal data with hide folder option
  • Private your data like photos, videos, albums as well as folders by creating a privacy lock
  • eWallet and Notepad can be locked to keep your card details, passwords as well as sensitive data hidden.
  • Prevent your family and friends from accessing your personal stuff available in your smart phone.

Prevent your family and friends from accessing your personal stuff available in your smart phone.

With the help of cloud technology you can keep a backup of your personal data by sync it and these sync data can be accessed on all your devices. The application is user friendly where it becomes easy for you to manage your personal data as well as to keep it safe.

Security Features of Vault Secure Pro Application:

  • Private Cloud: With this you can protect and sync up to 50 privacy photos across your devices
  • PIN Pad: A lock for keeping your private data hidden from everyone
  • Facedown Lock: It exits automatically once you turn your phone facedown.
  • Safe Send: Sharing your personal photos, selfies as well as videos for limited time with your friends and family
  • Photos by Email: Add your photos directly and securely to Vault Secure Pro with the help of email.
  • Recovery of Private Photos: Get your personal data from cloud if you lose your smartphone or tablet
  • Sync Photos: Sync is available between your device and Vault Secure Pro Application
  • Touch ID integration: It also supports the finger print authentication to access your secured data.
  • Fake PIN: This helps in creating a decoy PIN to keep your files safer from unknown people
  • Album Lock: Give extra protection by entering the privacy password per photo available in the particular album
  • Video Lock: Keep your videos privacy as well as add your personal videos and secure them using video locker
  • eWallet Lock: Protect all your sensitive data via eWallet lock
  • Voice Memo Recorder Lock: All your important voice notes can be kept safe and hidden from others
  • Notepad Lock: It protects and secures all your ideas as well as sensitive notes mentioned in your notepad.
  • Custom Covers: This helps in setting a photo as a custom album cover
  • Break-In- alerts: It helps in locking the application or taking the selfie of the person who is trying to open your secured data by attempting and entering multiple PIN
  • Private Premium Cloud: Take back up by synchronizing and protecting your personal photos and videos across your devices. You can protect up to 5000 personal photos and videos
  • Secret Door: This disguise Vault Secure Pro as a different application from other
  • PIN Timeout: Leave your Vault Secure Pro unlock for 30 seconds after your close the application
  • PIN Themes: Get a customized look and feel of your Vault Secure Pro by selecting the theme which you like.

Vault Secure Pro allows you to hide picture, hide folder as well as hide videos. All these personal data can be hidden using various types of locks available in the application. Apart from this, you can also access your personal hidden data by access the application remotely when your device is not available with you.

Ways to protect your privacy galleries: Just by following the below mentioned steps you can protect your privacy galleries. The steps are as follows:-

  • 1. Open the Vault Secure Pro application and select the pictures which you want to hide
  • 2. Delete the imported pictures from your Photo application
  • 3. Make sure that the imported pictures are also deleted from your photo stream

In Short, Vault Secure Pro is one stop destination to secure and hide your personal data as well as helps in keeping your data’s back up by synchronizing it on your private cloud. With the help of various lock system keep pictures safe, hide your personal photos and videos, secure your sensitive data with eWallet lock and Notepad Lock as well as get a remote access to your hidden data when your device is not available with you. You can also get the premium cloud space where you can store up to 5000 photos and videos as well as you can secure them with a passcode. Get information of the person who is trying to unlock your personal data by entering multiple PIN code to open your data. As on every wrong entered PIN code a selfie will be taken secretly of that user.

Just download Vault Secure Pro and keep all your personal data safe and secure.

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